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The Oakland Early College Parent Involvement Team works with members of our school community to support our students and teachers.

We offer group activities several times each school year, help fund several student activities, and help teachers with supplies needed for their classrooms.

We invite all OEC family members to help us. We would love to hear your concerns and ideas, and we are always looking for parents and caregivers to get involved. We have several Crews seeking volunteers.


Two Holiday Fundraisers

We have two online opportunities for easy holiday shopping, while supporting your child's school! In previous years, PIT funds have been used for graduation signs and gifts, other graduation activities, teacher appreciation, and special projects. We also have online opportunities for easy holiday shopping, while supporting your child's school! See details and our organization ID in slack and in the email.


Florida Indian River Groves Fruit Event

We are offering premium fruit from Florida Indian River Groves, hours off the tree, backed by a 100% satisfaction guarantee!  Deliver directly to the door of any address within the continental U.S.

Charleston Wrap Event

With over 2,500 gift ideas, including UltraHeavy™ gift wrap, gourmet kitchen essentials, personalized gifts & more, friends and family can help us reach our goal by checking off their holiday shopping list!

Parent - Teacher Conferences

Join us in helping support the teachers and staff during conferences. For more information and SignUpGenius, see the announcements in our slack workspace.

OEC 2022-23 School Calendar - Click here

This calendar may not be the most up-to-date calendar. Please call the school office to confirm any changes.

Sign up for Teams:
  • Fundraising Team
  • Social Activities Team
  • Graduation / Prom Team
  • Staff Appreciation Team
  • Outreach Team


Help keep our school safe.

If you see or hear something suspicious, click on the OK2SAY logo to anonymously submit a tip or speak with one of your teachers, school staff, or a trusted adult.

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